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Notes about Dougal Dixon's book "The Future is Wild" and film based upon this book.

Part 1

Part 2

archive ZIP (120 Kb)

For more productive work at Neocene Project animalist artists
ready to work for the interest (as all other project members)
are persistently needed .


The Incredible World Tour to neocene

Author's vision of possible ways of evolution and futuristic lifeforms 25 MY in the future.

Neocene: the portrait of the Earth

The general description of Earth of Neocene epoch.

Life on the Earth 25 million years in the future

How to predict the future? Laws and principles of evolution.


1. Country of high grasses

Savanna of Northern Africa

2. Shaggy gardeners

Savanna of Northern Africa

3. Kingdom of papyrus

Nile River in Sahara savanna

4. Island in the ocean

Island in the Indian Ocean

5. Great reef builders

Reeves in the Indian Ocean

6. Garret of the world and its inhabitants

Savanna of Meganesia (Australia and New Guinea), predators and prey.

7. Wanderers of ocean

Temperate zone of Pacific Ocean

8. Ocean "hanging gardens"

Pacific Ocean, plankton organisms and the ecosystem formed in their colonies.

9. Lord of the sky

Subantarctic islands

10. Traveler of southern mountains

Plains and mountains of Patagonia

11. Grass-colored predator

Pampas of South America

12. Inhabitants of the great river

Basin of Amason River

13. Year of great desert

Mexican plateau

14. Everyday life of wide plains

Great plains of North America

15. Stormy forest

Rainforest of South-Eastern Asia

16. Beasts in clouds

Himalayan mountains

17. Wild garden

Bushland in Mongolia

18. Forests and snow

Northern Ural

19. Cold sea of the north

Islands in Polar Ocean

20. Generous ocean

Atlantic coast of Europa

21. Mediterranean... swamp

Salt swamps of Mediterranean lowland

23. Kingdom of mountain spirits

Inhabitants of Balkan caves

23. Flying killers

Selva of South America

24. Sunda land

Island in South-Eastern Asia

25. Monster of tropical paradise

Tropical zone of Pacific Ocean

26. Sovereign of Fourseas

Fourseas - shallow sea in South-Eastern Europe

27. Land of thousand disasters

Eastern China - great wetlands.

Oops! 26 chapters are still not translated (compare to Russian version). Sorry...

54. Atlantic Hawaii

New Azora - volcanic island in Atlantic Ocean and coastal inhabitants


Bhuts Dragons of Eyre Gulf in English

Large aquatic goannas, the inhabitants of Eyre Gulf in Meganesia and their migration to Tasmania.

World tour to Neocene: archive ZIP (500 Kb) of HTML pages (text only)

Futuristic Bestiarium

Other animals and plants of the Earth
25 MY in the future - descriptions not included to chapters in English version.

Mammals (zip 229 Kb)

Birds (zip 180 Kb)

Reptiles and amphibians (zip 82,5 Kb)

Fishes (zip 130 Kb)

Invertebrates (zip 178 Kb)

Plants (zip 74 kb)

Index to Neocene fauna and flora

Common list of Neocene animals and plants, immediate access to any description.
Some descriptions may exist in Russian, but have no English links. Be patient, new descriptions appear sooner or later!

For site news look here:

Dougal Dixon's
"After man: A Zoology of the Future"

HTML version of the book.

Dougal Dixon's
"The New Dinosaurs. An alternative evolution"

HTML version of the book.

Dougal Dixon's
"Man after man.
An anthropology of the future"

HTML version of the book.

Leo Lionni's
"Parallel botany"

HTML version of the book

Harald Stumpke's
"The Snouters"

HTML version of the book (complete)
ZIP archive (78,8 kb, no pictures, text only)

Andrey Zhuravlev
"Wild, totally wild"

Article from "Paradox" magazine #9/2003 - critical notes to "The future is Wild" project.

Nemo Ramjet

HTML version of the book (complete)

Peter Ward
"Future Evolution"

HTML version of the book (complete)
ZIP archive (192 kb, no pictures, text only)



Tim Morris' Page

Timothy Donald Morris lives in Adelaide, Australia. He takes part in some speculative zoology projects like great Spec Project. He also has blogs dedicated to his own look to Spec and Neocene, and also the Yahoo group "Philosophica Dixonia"

The Neocene project is opened for new ideas every time!


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