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This site is devoted to one of main interests of the author - to the theory of evolution (but it is not limited only to it). It is not the secret, that presently interest to the official science has fallen up to zero, but all possible dogmas, including not having relations neither to religion, nor to science have blossomed plentifully. Trying to deny the fundamental science, authors of such doctrines are mistaken or simply do not hesitate to resort to frank lie. Works which the reader will find on this site are called to convict the deceit and to open the true essence of pseudo-scientific impostors.
Earlier I related to religion much more loyally, but realities of today force me to reconsider the former relation to this phenomenon. Earlier I protested only against attacks of religion to science and substitution of science by religious demagogy. But the situation in Russia gradually changes. Religious moods in public become much more active, and religious figures, impudently using affinity to authorities, try to advance religious disciplines to school under any pretext. As a person having pedagogical education I protest against substitution of scientific facts by religious myths and against their equalizing in rights. Any reason which will convince me to replace opinion on this question hardly will be found. Religion and science are two too different things in order to try to perceive them on equal terms and even more so to unite as scientific creationism. I think the kind reader himself will be surprised to what ugly forms are got with such chimera.
(Note: only Russian versions are available.)
On this site the reader will find some author's works devoted to the analysis of pseudoscientific representations about the theory of evolution. It is not a secret what exactly this field of knowledge now is exposed to attacks from the part of religion. Also here it is possible to find the work devoted to the analysis of one of modern doctrines - so-called theory of involution, the original hybrid of religions (a lot from every one), mysticism and dense ignorance of the founder of this theory. Author sincerely hopes it will be last work devoted to this theme. But it is not a fact. Sometimes causes to next works appear like cuckoo chicks in the nest: nobody waits for them, but they appear and expect for attention.
(Note: only Russian version is available.)
One theme connected to the theory of evolution, had became very popular some years ago. From the magic touch of English paleontologist Dougal Dixon books like "After man: A Zoology of the Future", " New dinosaurs" (these two books are popular in Europe and America, but they are not yet published in Russia), and, certainly, "The Future is Wild" the book and film of such title are known also to people in Russia. All these works are devoted to author's sights to probable ways of development of life on the Earth in the future. Authors of "The Future is Wild" project assert, that their child fully complies with scientific representations about evolution. So it, whether or not - readers may judge it. On this site it is possible to find the work "Is the Future so Wild?", in which book and film are analysing in detail from the scientific point of view. Also in this site it is possible to find my own work " World tour to Neocene" in which my own sights for probable directionss of evolution of life on the Earth 25 million years in the future are stated. This work is regularly replenishing with new chapters. Taking a case, I express deep gratitude to all participants of forum for numerous interesting ideas which became a material for spelling of several chapters of this work.

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